Geranium Growing Kit

Introducing one of the most unique flower growing kits to grow your own Geranium plants.

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Geranium Growing Kit

Geranium - all inclusive growing kit.

Geranium - Magical Meaning : Simple, natural, pure and understanding. Geranium Wholesale.

Geranium is an amazing flower, grow from a can.


Geranium flowers

• Ideal temperatures for growing are 59-77 F (15-25°C).
• Growth appears in about 7-10 days.
• Flowers form in about 12-13 weeks.
• When buds begin to form, it can be moved to indoors for enjoyment.
• Keep 1 healthy baby bud in the pot for cultivation.
• The rest can be planted elsewhere.

• Take the center bud off when the plant reaches to 10 cm high to stimulate growth

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