Price Match

Price match guidelines:

  • The item must be identical: name, size, weight, color, quality, and quantity.
  • You may price match unlimited items.
  • For matching competitors ads, the wholesale price must be shown in the competitor’s advertisement.
  • For matching online competitors, the retail price must be sent to us by link showing the current price. Online competitors pricing must be validated by a Magic Plant team member.
  • Competitor catalogs can be matched as long as the catalog price meets all other competitors ad match qualifications.
  • We reserve the right to verify a competitor’s price and the availability of the item.
  • Competitors online items must be in stock at the time price match is requested. Competitor shipping charges will be calculated and factored into the cost of the item.
  • Please note pepper availability and pricing fluctuates due to supply/demand, weather conditions, and other conditions beyond our control.


Magic Plant retains the rights to determine the discount or price match offered.


This policy was last modified on 03.12.2016