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Magic Plant introducing the ultimate hottest chili gift set for any hot pepper lover. amazing package for any hot food lover. 


The Carolina Reaper ultimate gift pack includes the following:

1 Carolina Reaper Growing Kit  - Grow your own carolina reaper peppers. 
1 Carolina Reaper Powder  1/2oz Spice Bottle  - shake it up on any food. 
1 Carolina Reaper Dry Whole Peppers 1/4oz Pack - cook with it if you dare. 
1 Carolina Reaper Mash / Puree 9oz Glass Jar - make your own carolina reaper hot suace. 
1 Sriracha Dust with Carolina Reaper Touch 2oz Spice Bottle - enjoy the most popular Sriracha flavor with the heat you need and add it to any food. 

Uses: add to pizza, soup, salsa, beans, chiken wings, hot suace,  and to any other dish that is just need better flavor and heat. 

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This Ghost Pepper / Bhut Joplokia deluxe collection, is the best gift for all Ghost Pepper lovers!

The Ghost Pepper ultimate gift pack includes the following:

1 Ghost pepper growing kit
1 Ghost chili flakes in 1/2oz jar
1 Ghost Pepper dry pods - 1/2oz bag
1 Ghost Pepper Mash / Puree 9oz Jar
1 Smoked ghost sriracha powder in 2oz jar

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This phytosanitary certificate, issued by the US Department of Agriculture, is required when shipping certain species of seed to certain countries (international). This certificate is never required if shipping to a destination inside the U.S.A or Canada.


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