PHYTOSANITARY CERTIFICATE - FEDERAL - PHYTO (for international shipping)

This phytosanitary certificate, issued by the US Department of Agriculture, is required when shipping certain species of seed to certain countries (international). This certificate is never required if shipping to a destination inside the U.S.A or Canada.

Please review our international shipping information page to see if you need a federal phyto cert with your order.

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USDA Federal Phytosanitary Certificate for Seed Export/Import

If your international order does in fact require a phytosanitary certificate to accompany your order, we will work our local USDA office to obtain it and we will send it in the paperwork with your order to clear customs in your country of destination.

Please note that you only need 1 phyto sanitary cert per shipment (not for each seed type.

Also Note that because of the time required to obtain the certificate, it may take a week or more to obtain. Your order will be held until it can ship with the phyto.


It is the consignees responsibility to understand any applicable import requirements and restrictions.  For more information please contact the destination countries Department of Agriculture or equivalent ministry.