Thyme Growing kit

Introducing one of the most unique herbs growing kits to grow your own Thyme plants.

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Thyme Growing kit

Thyme plants - all inclusive growing kit.

The Magic Plant Thyme Plant comes in a recyclable container with mineral soil and magic seeds ready to grow your own Thyme Plant. Now you can grow your own Thyme Plant. Give it as a gift. Send it anywhere in the world. Grow it at any time of the year. It's never been so easy to grow your own plants, just open the can ...add water, and watch your own Thyme Plant grow.

Thyme was used by ancient Egyptian's for embalming and ancient Greeks used it in their baths and believed it was a source of courage. Thyme is a good source of iron and is used widely for culinary purposes. It has antiseptic properties and is effective against the fungus that commonly infects toenails. A tea made by infusing water with Thyme can be used for preventing cough and bronchitis.

Thyme plant

Growing Directions:
•Ideal temperatures for growing are 59-86 F (15-30°C).
•Growth will appear in about 7-10 days with full sunlight.

•You may plant buds elsewhere in a planting pot or in ground.

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