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Water Beads


water beads Is amazing water absorbent polymer that absorbs, stores, and then releases water and nutrients needed for growing plants. The Magic Pearl Decor is clear, bright crystal color. It's makes for an elegant, classy, and beautiful presentation. Just soak in water and watch the water beads bulk increase by 100 times.
Each order contains 5 Bags of Magic Pearls Decor with the following colors:Apple Green, Red Hot, Sky Blue, Yellow Lime, Crystal Clear
When fully expanded each bag will produce about 4 cups of each color, totaling approximately 20 cups!!!

water pearl

Attributes: Amazing Home D'ecor Improve soil structure and plant growth Stores water, constant supply to the roots Colorfast - color won¡¦t bleed or fade Uses: Cut Flower Arrangements Great decoration for Candles, Lucky Bamboo, and Orchids Use for Bridal Showers, Wedding Decor, Birthday Parties, Anniversaries, and other Special Occasions * Please recycle other packages separately.

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