Bhut Jolokia Peach

Bhut Jolokia Peach Powder | Peach Ghost Pepper Powder 1kg (2.2lb)

1kg (2.2lb) of Bhut Jolokia Peach Powder | Peach Ghost Pepper Powder. It's a Ghost pepper seasoning.

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We grow peach ghost pepper crop from seeds to your plate.  It's a limited edition, rare and unique Ghost Chili powder with a slightly different aroma than the well known red ghost pepper. The peach ghost pepper still has the punch of heat you would expect to get from ghost peppers. Our Peach Ghost Powder is a hot and awesome upgrade of unique pepper flavor and heat to any of your food. 
Heat Level Groups (by SHU):
Extremely Hot (Chilies that range from 500,000 to 750,000 SHU)
Packaging Type:
Bulk Packing
Capsicum Chinense
Pure 100%
Pepper's Name:
  • Ghost Pepper/Bhut Jolokia & Nagas

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The very best quality in the market. hot as hell.
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