Scotch Bonnet Powder - 1lb | Ground Scotch Bonnet Pepper

1lb of Premium Quality!!! Original Scotch Bonnet Powder packed in a plastic bag.

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The Scotch Bonnet Pepper is grown mainly on the island of Jamaica. The Scotch Bonnet is a sweet and spicy pepper that will add a unique Caribbean flavor to your foods. It makes a tasty hot sauce! Most Scotch Bonnets have a heat of 100,000-350,000 Scoville Heat Units. The Scotch Bonnet has a stout shape. The Scotch Bonnet is also known as Boabs Bonnet, Scotty Bons, Bonney Peppers, the Ball of Fire, or the Caribbean Red pepper.
Magic Plant Scotch Bonnet peppers have the best quality, heat, and flavor. try it yourself.

Heat Level Groups (by SHU):
Very Hot (Chilies that range from 200,000 to 500,000 SHU)
Packaging Type:
Bulk Packing
Capsicum Chinense
Pure 100%
Pepper's Name:
  • Scotch Bonnet
The flavor rivals habenero. Scotch bonnet bursts with flavor and heat. It's my go-to for eggs in morning, steak at night and everything in between. The flavor is incredible and it has heat.
Gotta have the burn to enjoy breakfast. Even after it's gone.
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