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9oz jar Aji Panca mash For Sale - Authentic Aji Panca and very hot Aji Panca peppers Mash.

Magic Plant Aged Hot Pepper mash is made from freshly harvested Aji Panca Chilies. Our traditional, all natural fermentation process transforms this aromatic pepper mash. Add sparingly to soups, stews, chili beans, stir fries, pastas, marinades etc. or use as an ingredient base for hot sauce and more. You can add garlic, onion, vinegar, carrots and more to make your very own custom sauce.

Ingredients: Aji Panca peppers, salt, citric acid, acetic acid.

Aji Panca Chili Pepper

This popular pepper from Peru ranks a mere 500 Scoville Heat Units. It’s a dark red, almost burgundy in color and grows to be between three and five inches in length; and is between 1 and 1.5 inches in width.  Even though it does not have a lot of heat, like many chilies, it does have lots of berry like flavor. It also has a hint of a smoky flavor. It is well known in South America and one of the most popular peppers used for cooking in Peru.

Uses of the Aji Panca Pepper

The Aji Panca is often dried or made into a paste. Sometimes it is minced and then used as a condiment. They are used in a log of Peruvian dishes and make contribute a lot of flavor to soups, stews, and sauces. If the seeds are removed and the pepper is deveined, it has virtually no heat. However, it does add a unique flavor and beautiful color to the dishes that include it.

Heat Level Groups (by SHU):
Low Heat (Chilies that range from 100 to 1,000 SHU)
Packaging Type:
Ready For Retail
Capsicum Baccatum
Pepper's Name:
  • Aji Panca

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