7 Pot Douglah

7 Pot Douglah Powder - 1kg (2.2lb) | Chocolate 7 Pot Pepper Ground

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7 Pot Douglah Pepper is one of the top 5 hottest peppers in the world. The 7 Pot Douglah is also known as chocolate 7 Pot.  The 7 Pot Douglah has an AMAZING Hot, fruity sweet, nutty flavor combination that will kick and twist your tongue. 7 Pot Douglah Pepper is rare in color and shape and can be used in many dishes and recipes. 


Heat Level Groups (by SHU):
Nuclear (Chilies that range from 750,000 to 2,000,000 SHU)
Packaging Type:
Zip Lock Plastic Bag 5mill Thick
Capsicum Chinense
Impurity :
Pure 100%
Pepper's Name:
  • 7 pot Peppers
  • chocolate 7 Pot

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