Fatalii Pepper Whole Dried Pods | Fatalii chili Whole Dried Pods 1kg (2.2lb)

1kg (2.2lb) of Fatalii Chili Whole Dried Pods.

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The flavor of the orange fatalii pepper is a tiny bit citrus and a little bit fruity, but it brings heat about like a habanero. If someone eats a whole pepper at once, they will feel the heat in the back of their throat first, then in around 10 seconds, the rest of their mouth will be on fire. This intense heat will last for quite a while.

The History of the Orange Fatalii Pepper Even though the origin of the orange fatalii is America, most consider it fruit from central Africa. No one really seems to agree on where the pepper came from. The origin is clouded because of the commerce between the Americas and Africa that has occurred for over 400 years. How is the orange fatalii chili pepper used?

The orange fatalii is known to pack some heat, but is also known for its citrus flavor. Oftentimes it is used to make hot sauces. When a little bit of lime or lemon is added, it accentuates the citrus. Adding nuts and oil can help reduce the heat a tiny bit for most people. It works very well when blended with fruits and provides a nice flavor in salsas and hot sauces. The fresh pepper can be chopped and used in marinades, dressings, salsa, and chutneys. Or use the chili to make jellies and jams by adding it to fruit. It’s also easy to dry because it is thin-walled. There are even some who use the orange fataili in their home-brewed beer.

How is the orange fatalii cultivated? To germinate these hot peppers, place them in a protected area. The seeds need to be planted in a mix that drains well. Coco peat pellets and peat pots do not work well when growing hotter peppers like the orange fatalii because the pot retains too much moisture. Make certain pots are at least a 4-inch size so the seedlings can be transplanted easily. You will want to use a lightweight planting mix because it contains a fertilizer that releases slowly. This can be helpful for seed germination. Plant the seeds twice as deep as the seed is long. So, a 1/8-inch seed will need to be placed in ¼ inch of soil. If the seeds are placed too deeply, it can prevent germination and inhibit growth. Seeds should not be overwatered, just keep the soil damp to the touch, but not too wet.

Most hot chili peppers take at least 30 days to germinate. Keep the seeds in a humid and warm environment while waiting for them to germinate. The soil temperature needs to be kept between 80 and 5 degrees. Usually, a window sill or an enclosed porch will suffice. If necessary, special heating pads can keep the soil warm to encourage germination. Once the seeds sprout, the temperature can be reduced to 70 degrees. If you overwater during this phase of the growth of the plant, it can cause fungal diseases.

After the seedling reaches a height of about 8 to 12 inches, it can be planted outdoors or in containers. To ensure the plants are safe outdoors, they need to be planted two weeks after the last frost. Pepper plants can be gradually exposed to the sun over several days by setting them closer to the garden spot every day. This lets the plants slowly adapt to a new environment and encourages the stems to harden. Seedlings need to be planted 2 feet apart. Once they are planted outside, it should take the hot peppers somewhere between 60 and 150 days to produce ripe fruit.

Heat Level Groups (by SHU):
Very Hot (Chilies that range from 200,000 to 500,000 SHU)
Packaging Type:
Bulk Packing
Capsicum Chinense
Pure 100%
Pepper's Name:
  • Fatali

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