Dragon's Breath Pepper Flakes 8oz.

Dragon’s Breath Pepper Flakes 8oz.

The Super Hot Dragon’s Breath Pepper Flakes is one of our hottest Flakes! Hotter than the Reaper?  Stay tuned...

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Dragon's Breath Pepper Flakes 8oz

The Super Hot Dragon’s Breath Flakes is one of our hottest Flakes!!!  Will it Leap the Reaper??

The Dragon’s Breath chili pepper is very hot (1.2M to 2M SHUs) with a sweet and fruity flavor. It's great in any sauce, soups, stews, salsas, condiments, meat rubs, jerky, spicy drinks and more.  It comes in powder or flakes in a variety of sizes. Take advantage of buying in bulk to save money. This pepper has been reported to surpass the current reigning champ, the Carolina Reaper. For most, the heat level of the Dragon's Breath overpowers the taste, but some describe it as fruity and sweet, and others say it’s a bit bitter. Just add sparingly first and taste test. The Dragon's Breath powder or flakes is easily incorporated into dishes without the hassle of dealing with fresh peppers - safer too! With fresh peppers, you need to wear goggles, kitchen gloves and possibly a mask. The capsaicin oil in this pepper can cause some serious pain (skin, eyes, mouth). You can significantly lessen this issue with our pepper powder or flakes - just don't sniff or inhale the powder, and always wash your hands after handling the Dragon's Breath powder or flakes - and don't rub your eyes! The Dragon's Breath pods are dried at a slow, low temp. and then ground into powder or crushed into flakes to preserve the health benefits of the chilies. If you would like to see our Dragon's Breath pepper in your dishes or drinks, try our Flakes. The packaging is food grade, recyclable, re-closable (4 mil thick) stand-up pouch bag. The label on the back is a technical label to ensure food safety and traceability. We invite you to consider the numerous varieties of our chili peppers.

Heat Level Groups (by SHU):
Nuclear (Chilies that range from 750,000 to 2,000,000 SHU)
Packaging Type:
Bulk Packing
Pepper's Name:
  • Dragon’s Breath

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