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Plants For Kids

Magic Plant - Treasures World.

Magic Plant for Children is the most intelligent way for a child to experience the joy and the gratification of growing plants!
Let the little one experience the responsibility of growing their own plant and the excitement of learning in an incredible way about amazing creatures. This educational gift conceals then reveals a special featured creature directly on the plants central bean.

We offer many creatures to choose from for your child’s enjoyment:
"Insect World" - Dragonfly, Caterpillar, Butterfly, Ant, Beetle, Spider
"Ocean World" - Sea Turtle, Shark, Dolphin, Seahorse, Crab, Fish
"Zoo World" - Monkey, Rhinoceros, Hippopotamus, Elephant, Snake, Panda
"Dinosaur World" - Brachiosaurus, Doedicurus, Triceratops, Stegosaurus,
Pteranodon, Deinonychus

Designed and Guaranteed to Surprise, Excite, and Amaze your Child!
Each World offers six kind of unique creatures engraved right on the bean. Encourage the child to guess which one of the six unique creatures that will appear on the bean.

Magic Plant Treasures is a rare breed of bean. In each can, one bean is pre-planted in a special mineral soil. According to the instructions, after watering, the bean grows up to a height of 10-20 inches or 25-30 cm. The surprise creature anticipated by the receiver will be found engraved on the beautiful plant's central bean.

The Magic Plant Treasures bean is all natural and may be kept as a keepsake or actually grown. The bean engraving and coloration process are non-toxic but adult supervision is always advised.

•Recommended temperature 60F- 95F (16C-35C).
•Parental supervision is advised.
•CAREFULLY open the drainage tab at the BOTTOM of the can.
•CAREFULLY open the tab at the TOP of the can.
•Water the Magic Plant Treasure and then only when surface soil is dry.
•Allow light- 50%. Keep container in a warm area.

•Estimated germination is 3-10 days to reveal the featured creature.