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Pepper Mash | Pepper Puree (Retail Ready)

Magic Plant aged Pepper Mash is made of freshly harvested Chilies/capsicum fruits, then aged according to perfection. Our premium pepper mashes are specialized, labor intensive products. We provide gourmet, homemade tasting pepper mash produced on a large scale.

Pasteurized, vacuum sealed “Ready To Eat” pepper mash 

Pasteurized with gourmet vinegars and salts to preserve the natural, aromatic pepper flavor. ‎This gives you a great base to use for making delicious hot sauces and a variety of other tasty dishes-use as an addition to all of your foods- stir fries, fish, soups, eggs, steak, chicken, pasta, pizza and more.

Magic Plant Pepper Mash is a ”Hot Sauce Starter ”. Now you can use our pepper mash with any hot sauce recipe, you can add garlic, onion, shallots, vinegar, carrots, and more to make your very own signature custom hot sauce.

Ready for Retail: 9oz glass jar with sticker or private label. or request a bulk packaging of 5 – 275 gallons. 

Capsicums / peppers, vinegar or citric acid, and salt. May contain sulfites. Our Pepper mash is free of GMO and MSG. 

Shelf Life:
24 months (under proper storage conditions)

Store in a cool, dry place not to exceed 75 F. Avoid direct sunlight exposure. Refrigereated After Openin.